Thursday, 20 September 2012

Newcastle WestFest, Sweden & Denmark

Newcastle WestFest

"One of our final summer concerts takes place tonight in Newcastle West Co Limerick.
Should be a blast. Looking forward to seeing some good friends there."

"Some of tonight's crowd in Newcastle West."

"Newcastle West. Fantastic!!!
Gig of the summer. Literally thousands in the square and an unbelievable atmosphere.
Thanks to the organisers who looked after us so well.
Thanks as always to the legend that is Adam O'Sullivan for rocking the finale with us!"

All photoslide photos courtesy of Charlie Brock

Clips of The High Kings singing Dirty Old Town, Red Is The Rose, Star of the County Down, and Rare Old Times at the show in Newcastle West.

News from Sweden and Denmark Tour

"Arrived in Gothenburg Sweden to a great day, with a massive buzz around the city. Big music festival takes place this weekend. We are onstage tonight at 8pm. Tomorrow we rise early to take the ferry to Denmark where we kick off 4 shows there. Hope I can grab some of the game online.
Come on The Cats!"

"After 5 years of touring with The High Kings, tonight we walked onstage to a tornado of noise for our very first Swedish show. Possibly the loudest and greatest audience we have had to date. And that's saying something considering we have just had 6 amazing German show. Incredible stuff. A very young crowd which is even more positive for future tours. Thanks Gothenburg. One to cherish forever."

All photoslide photos courtesy of Emma Broberg 



"Aalborg! Amazing crowd. Great show again tonight. Loved it.
Great craic at The Irish House afterwards. Really looking forward to a day off tomorrow and counting the days 'til I see my little family at home!"

"Best lunch in town.
Sat outside and chilled with the locals." 

"Now that's a big one!
Irish house last night."

"My home for tonight in Skive"

"Tonight's theatre in Skive. Sold out. The stage is set"

"Fantastic crowd tonight in Skive. Amazing theatre and brilliant atmosphere.
On to Copenhagen tomorrow morning."

"Pulled over my curtains to this view at 7am"

"Tonight's Venue"

"Thanks for a great night Copenhagen. We will be back next year.
One more show to go!"

"Strolling around Viborg"

"Viborg Press"

 "Front of House"

"What a fantastic way to end this tour. Viborg.....thanks you. Brilliant crowd that demanded 3 encores. Great night.
Denmark, Sweden and Germany...thank you!
See you in 2013."

That's all the latest news from Sweden, Denmark and the Newcastle Westfest. The High Kings are now back in to the studio to continue recording original material for their new album, which is expected to be released during the first half of 2013

We will be back with more news soon!

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

German Tour Round Up 2012

"Good Morning Berlin!"

"Dresden!! Thank you so much. Amazing crowd and the best welcome ever to Germany.
On to Berlin tomorrow for the second show.”

"The great Dresden audience asking politely for an encore tonight."

“This is the most amazing Cake I have seen and tasted. Yes folks....cake! Baked by our friend Karin Loffel. Unreal. Thomas and Karin have been unreal to us for 4 years and we are so grateful to them for everything.”

"Tonight's venue for show. Beautiful old church in Berlin"

"Berlin on an Autumn Sunday afternoon. Just had a very nice stroll among the locals who sure know how to chill out. Fantastic vibe."

"Fantastic crowd in Berlin tonight. Beautiful venue and the craziest crowd in ages. Loved it. 
Overnight drive now to Mannheim where we perform tomorrow night."

Thought we would share some photos of the High Kings from their Berlin concert.
These are Getty Images which are protected.

Getty Images - High Kings in Berlin 

"Just arrived in Mannheim to a beautiful sunny day. Another lovely vibe at the venue. Chilling' with a coffee before going outside to explore the neighbourhood."

"Courtesy of Karins brother, genuine High Kings Ale brewed in Germany." "Chilling for after tonight's show which we have just been informed is a sell out. " 


"Mannheim!! What an incredible night. Always a good sign when the show is held up for 20 minutes to fit more people in. Really great audience and the loudest crowd do far. Overnight drive to Hannover and a day off. : )"

"Holden's Ale. Brewed only in Germany" 

"Hamburg venue. Looks like something out of Sherlock Holmes."


"Incredible audience tonight in Hamburg. Massive volume all the way through and that was from them!

Night to remember."

Photo courtesy of Marcus Jaap

"Local press today in Bielefeld" 

"Bielefeld, thanks for an amazing night! What a crowd, what a vibe. Full throttle.
On to Dusseldorf for the final German show tomorrow."

"Dusseldorf Savoy Theatre" 

"What a way to wrap the German leg of our European tour. Incredible crowd tonight in Dusseldorf Savoy Theatre. Mental craic.
Up in 5 hours to go to airport and fly to Gothenburg Sweden.
Thanks Germany. We won't forget it!"

Special thanks to the fans that have shared their photos with us.

We hope you have enjoyed all the news from the German tour.

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Gathering - Notre Dame - A Welcome Home

 Darren relaxing before the show with Brian, Brian Kennedy, and Damian Dempsey.

Darren with Irish Tenor Anthony Kearns

“Amazing and memorable night at the O2 for the Notre Dame pep rally. Blinds of great friends old and new there, and it was fantastic to witness the most amazing marching band and choir ever! Loved it all!
2 hours sleep later and I am arriving at the airport to meet the guys and fly to Germany.
Thanks to everyone who made last night so great.
Go Irish!!”

Photo copyright Demotix images

The High Kings rendition of The Parting Glass was amazing at the Notre Dame - A Welcome Home concert. So how would you like an MP3 recording of their performance? You can listen and download here with our compliments! Enjoy!


CLICK HERE to watch the video on Darren's Facebook page.

We hope you enjoyed sharing The High Kings special night at Dublin's O2 The lads are now in Germany. Having had a fantastic welcome for their first show in Dresden last night, they are looking forward to more of the same in Berlin tonight. We will bring you all the news from Germany, Sweden and Denmark in a European Special soon.

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