Thursday, 29 March 2012

Happy St Paddy's Day UK!

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We have gone a little out of order with the updates, as we thought that the High Kings performing for President and Mrs Obama at the White House was too special to wait and we wanted to share it with you as soon as possible. But now Darren and the rest of the High Kings are back in Ireland, it is time to wind the clock back. We are now bringing you all the news, photos, and videos from their headlining performance at the Mayor of London's St Patrick's Day Festival in Trafalgar Square on the eve of their trip to Washington. It was quite a week in HK World!!

A few words from Darren

“Happy St Patricks Day everyone! Lets paint the world Green tomorrow!

Looking forward to heading to London on Sunday morning where The High Kings will headline a massive outdoor festival in Trafalgar Square at 5pm on Sunday evening. Then its on the USA where we will ..........well, as much as I'd love to tell you, you'll just have to wait and see. Here's a hint....I have done it before I became a High King. : )”

“Well, heading to bed (yes bed!!) due to a 4am start in the morning to London. Should be a great day! See you all there HKUK.
Then on to the USA for a few days with a very special event on Tuesday.”

“Soundchecked a few hours ago in Trafalgar Square, ready to rock London at 5pm! Should be a blast. There is a HUGE crowd gathering so bring it on!!!”

Sharing the Memories - The Videos

The DH Team were in London to film the High Kings headline performance. Here are a couple of videos from the set.

This player has all 12 songs in order so you don't have to miss a single moment of a very special day!

Sharing the Memories - The Photos

The High Kings on stage taken from the back of the square. Photo courtesy and copyright of Abby Simms.

A very 'High King'. Video screenshot of the very last note of Leaving of Liverpool!

This photo slide has all the photos from a very special day!

“What a day! Seriously one of the best. 15,000 people in Trafalgar Square London, who waited all day in the cold for us. We had a ball. We played- they sang! Amazing. So great to catch up with so many friends, like Donal and Gino from "4 Men and a Dog" and my buddy Oliver from Porterhouse. Laughed all day long and absolutely loved the 2 muppets who climbed the water fountain after our set and waved the Irish Flag at security. : )
One to remember.
Early start to the USA in the morning.”

The High Kings got a fantastic reception from a very enthusiastic crowd, a high percentage of who didn't know them and very few who would have seen them live before. They certainly won't forget them. It wasn't a bad warm up for the White House!

Back in Ireland

“On route to Lillies Bordello. I am live in The Library at Midnight.”

“Brilliant vibe tonight in Lillies.Great gig. Totally delighted to see my buddy Bill Quigley from Boston who came along to hang out and presented me with 4 amazing Custom police badges for myself and the lads in THK.
What a great guy. Cheers Bill!”

“One of the nicest things I have ever been given. A customised US Police badge courtesy of my buddy Bill.”

“Late show's at Lillies, complete with the clocks going forward, make for a very tired boy! Good job that it's such a beautiful morning with cracking weather.
My thoughts go out to my lovely Michelle who has to work today. : (“

“What an amazing day! Hope this isn't our summer : )
Chilling in the garden with the kiddies, wish mummy was here.”

A very special night coming up!
"Hey everyone. Tune in to "TIPP FM RADIO" tomorrow at 12.30pm, when I'll be chatting live on air with Fran Curry about The High Kings upcoming concert at The Park Hotel, Clonmel on Saturday April 14th.
We are doing the show in aid of "My Canine Companion" a very worthwhile charity which provides highly trained dogs to children with autism.
I can confirm that there is a massive buzz about this show, and tickets are moving very fast. Tune in tomorrow for more details."

That's all the news for now. We hope you enjoyed catching up on all the events in Trafalgar Square.

Thanks for your continued support.

Darren and the DH Team

Friday, 23 March 2012

The High Kings at the White House!

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Well it's been a very exciting week, the big news was under wraps for a while, but the clues were there in 'extracts' from Darren's Status updates in the build up to the big day! He wasn't allowed to say, but there was a little hint here and there!

“Then its on the USA where we will ..........well, as much as I'd love to tell you, you'll just have to wait and see. Here's a hint....I have done it before I became a High King. : )”

"Then on to the USA for a few days with a very special event on Tuesday.”

“Early start to the USA in the morning.”

It was obvious he was itching to tell as the status updates dropped even bigger hints!

“Early start to the USA in the morning.”
Well, after a long day of travel, we finally landed in............: )”
Seriously folks, if I could tell you I would. The weather is amazing, and we are about to go and perform 2 songs at a gala ball and join many Irish dignitaries for dinner afterwards.
Tomorrow..........: )
I will say this. its so great to be back in the USA.”

“First appearance done. Really fantastic event attended by a famous Irish man. Good vibes all around. I have some great memories of where we are, when Michelle and I attended something amazing a few years back when I was performing on my lonesome. I am certain that it will again be very special tomorrow.”

Then finally the secret was out!

“What a beautiful morning in DC! Off to the gym now, and then I need coffee.......”

“Hey Everyone. Tonight...... we are playing at The White House for President Obama, at the request of the main man himself! We are so excited to be here, and I cannot believe I am getting to sing there again! Crazy.
A massive day awaits us, and at 6.30 we get to sit down with 'Ol Barrack.
Can't wait!”

“Soundcheck done. Completely surreal yet again. Just got to wander around the big house by ourselves and chill amidst so much history. Blessed to get to do this again, and very grateful. Roll on tonight. Unfortunately the many pics taken will have to remain private. House rules.”

8 years ago Darren was proud to have been invited to perform for President and Mrs Bush at the White House Christmas Pageant. To perform there once in his career was an honour, but now he has been invited back with The High Kings, at the personal invitation of President Obama, to perform at the White House again!! There can't be too many artists that can claim to have performed for two different presidents at the White House!

This is the official Press release!

Think we can safely say that it was quite a night!!

A few words from Darren

"WOW!! Now that was an absolutely incredible night! One of the best ever. We rocked The East Room in style tonight, right after an official photograph with President and Mrs Obama. What a lovely couple. Our own PM Enda Kenny was there with us, along with his good wife for the second night in succession. This is the stuff you tell your kids and grandkids about in years to come. We take lifelong memories with with us tonight. Big thanks to The White House staff who looked after us so well today. And more importantly, huge thanks to Maggie and Dick Holden for encouraging my love of music."

Next day it was back on a plane and heading home to his family in Ireland taking all his memories to share with them. But, with his feet barely back on home soil, he was eager to share them with us too.

“Hi folks. I will be chatting to Sue Nunn about playing The White House, on KCLR FM at 9.30am this morning"

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview

Check out the personal photos from the White House courtesy of Darren and

Press Article

The Irish Sun 22 March 2012

We hope you have enjoyed sharing Darren's experiences of performing at the White House for the second time in his career. We'll be back with all the news, video and photos from the St Patrick's Day Festival in Trafalgar Square very soon.

Thanks for your continued support
Darren and the DH Team

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Music, Young Voices O2, Paddy's Day, and more!!

Hi Everyone

It is a little while since we blogged as The High Kings have been taking a bit of a break during most of February. But we've still been busy and have lots to share with you now to bring you up to date.

A few status updates from Darren

“Looking forward to being back on the road tonight with a sold out show in The Mount Errigal Hotel in Letterkenny. Should be a right craic. Missing Utd v Liverpool though! : (“

“Letterkenny!! One of the best and biggest crowds we have played to in Ireland ever!

An absolute stormer from start to finish with a raucous crowd so fired up they all but exploded!! Love nights like this. Thanks Donegal.”

“Shocked to hear of Whitney Houstons passing. What a tragic loss. RIP

Its a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in Dublin. Hope you are all well.”

“What a great morning. Sun shining, blue sky and the air full of possibilities.
Have a great day folks.”

“Looking forward to ''s 3rd Birthday Party tonight in Lillies.....should be fun!”

“And the winner is........Jedward. Unless something crazy happens.
Sorry, but the other song's and performances were more than a tad yawnfest. Donna's could have been great but shite performance factor let it down. Una and David were actually very good, but for me the Eurovision is built for Jedward.

I'm looking forward to Eurovision already!! Should be Jedtastic!”

“7 hours pruning and cleaning the garden with herself, makes for a happy Saturday.
And a bad back : p”

“Fantastic 8 point victory for Kilkenny v Tipp in the league opener. Probably should have been put away long before the end, but here's hoping the bad misses were down to just being rusty.”

“Mad workout this morning! Feeling ready for anything now! Within reason....: )”

“Absolutely floored to learn of Davy Jones sad and very sudden passing. All my memories of Saturday mornings having breakfast, while watching The Monkees just came flooding back! Only saw him a few years ago in Mohegan Sun Casino, Connecticut. We were doing separate shows there and he was such a lovely man and one of the very few all rounders left in the business. He will be very missed. RIP.”

“Just saw an amazing accoustic show by a country music hero of mine Colin Raye. What a singer, what memories! Plus, I was very proud of my boy Ollie who made him sound even better than the record! Nobody does sound like the Ollmeister. Great to meet so many familiar faces too.”

“On route to Lillies Bordello where I am live in the Library at 11.30pm!
Wonder who'll pop in tonight??? Should be fun.”

“Mental gig at Lillies. Hopping crowd all night!
Loved it. Dublin is absolutely buzzing tonight.”

New photo videos for Darren's Roadworks Album

We hope you will enjoy the two videos of Darren's Roadworks tracks with photos set to the music. You will also find The Breath You Took Away and The Real Me in the player below them, along with other videos of Darren's original music.

New Darren Music Websites

We work hard to ensure that Darren is represented on all the most high profile music sites so fans can find him and listen to his music wherever they look for him. We are pleased to now have Darren Holden channels on 3 more major music websites.



You can log in and become a fan via your twitter account. Please show Darren your support and re-tweet his Roadworks tracks.


Special High Kings Fundraiser Night

“Hey everyone. on April 14th, The High Kings will perform a very special concert at The Park Hotel Clonmel in aid of Autism.
It is an event very close to my heart and I would like to thank the guys for coming in board to help out.
Details for purchasing tickets etc will be announced very soon. Stay tuned and hope to see many of you at the show.”

Young Voices Tour - O2 Arena

“Just spent a really nice day at home in Mooncoin with the gang. Sunshine all day and just totally chilled out.
Heading to London tomorrow to kick off 4 nights at The O2 with The High Kings and Young Voices. Should be a blast!!” 

“Just arrived at the O2. Holy Moly! 4 nights in a row kicking off tonight with 19,000 tickets sold! Bring it on!
Plus my wifey and little boy are here to see it! : )” 

Guest appearance from Beverley Knight
“Show number 2 at the O2. Last night was simply incredible! One to remember for sure. Ready to do it all over again and finally the Irish media have begun to take notice! Never heard of an Irish folk band playing to this amount of people in one week before. Thanks to The Daily Star for being first out of the hurdles for an exclusive story that will run in the coming days.”

Connie Talbot officially broke the World record for the most backing singers when she sang 'Run'. As The High Kings had the same backing for their songs, they sort of 'unofficially' broke the record too!

“Gearing up for the 3rd of 4 nights here at The O2 London. A very exciting special guest will join the show tonight!!

Just back from the tube station, as Michelle and little Joshy are traveling home this evening. Lots of little tears....: (“

“Amazing 3rd O2 show last night, 20,000 people rocked it out for 2 hours.

The amazing Alexandra Burke was last nights special guest, and she performed a beautiful tribute to Whitney Houston.
Tonights the last show here in London until we play an outdoor concert in Trafalgar Square on March 18th.
We have had a blast and take away very special memories that will last forever.” 

"Rocking it out with Alexandra Burke and Randolph Matthews at London's O2"

It was certainly an amazing week at the O2 in London and the perfect way to end the Young Voices Tour. We hope you will enjoy the photos and videos that follow as we captured the memories.

“Well, Goodnight London. We have reached the end of an amazing tour and tomorrow we head home. We have played to 80,000 people in 4 nights at the O2.
Incredible memory to take back with us. Thanks UK. "

The videos of the final night!

 The videos were filmed closer than previously. For the Queen Medley we followed Darren up in to the crowd as he made contact with his audience. He just made it back to the stage in time for the final 'Don't stop me now!' bringing the tour to a close.

Photos of the O2 Arena concerts

This slideshow features photos and screen shots taken across all four nights of the O2 Arena Young Voices concerts.

“Ahhh home again. : )”

Back in the UK for St Paddy's Day!!

The High Kings will be back in the UK on 18th March to headline the Lord Mayor of London's St Patrick's Day celebrations in Trafalgar Square! Last year 100,000 people attended the official London celebrations!

Check out all the information, schedules and parade routes on...

Official Mayor of London Website

These are photos of the official brochure issued in a number of UK Irish publications

That's all for now, we hope to be able to bring you all the news from St Paddy's Day in Trafalgar Square next weekend. Until then...

Thanks for your continued support

Darren & the DH Team