Saturday, 23 April 2011

Please read to find out how you can help Darren!

Hi Everyone!
Darren really needs your help!
As some of you may know, Darren is a huge fan of Richard Marx and considers him to be a genius as a songwriter and musician. Richard has just made the following offer on his YouTube profile.
"Hey fans & Youtube community! Which member of the Youtube community would you like to see me co-write a song with? Submit and vote up your favorite unsigned Youtube artist here and I will be choosing the next artist to work with by July 1st.
**Depending on schedules/locations, collaborations will happen either in person or virtually.
Hope to hear from you!"
Although Darren is a member of The High Kings, he is actually unsigned as a solo artist. Darren has worked with a number of songwriters over the years, Rodney Crowell and Tommy Byrnes to name but two. But to get the opportunity to write with Richard Marx would fulfil a dream and would be the ultimate song writing collaboration for him.
Darren has been nominated on Richard's page and now needs your votes to help him be in the running when Richard makes his decision.
If you have a YouTube account, please go to Richard Marx official YouTube channel and place your vote for Darren. If you don't have an account, please consider joining up, it only takes a couple of minutes and you don't need to upload videos. You could use it to save your favorites for Darren and the High Kings to make them easier to find in future.
You'll find Richards channel on the following link
If you scroll down past the featured video and playlists, you will come to the area where the nominations and voting takes place.
Over on the right, directly under the 'About' where Richard makes the appeal for nominations, you'll find a search box. Type in 'Darren Holden' and search him. His nominations will come up over to the left. Simply click the 'thumbs up' to register your vote.

If you want to give him another nomination, that is fine, But if you attach a video please use one of him performing one of his own songs and not perfoming with the signed The High Kings, or singing other cover songs. You will find his original music on Darren's Official YouTube  in a playlist of his original songs.  
We need to promote his songwriting skills to Richard Marx.
Darren will very much appreciate your votes to help put him in the running when Richard makes his choice for this dream prize.
Thank you for your support!
Darren & the DH Team


  1. Voted! Keeping my fingers crossed...that would be fabulous!

  2. Just voted for you Darren. Good luck

  3. Voted! I wish you well, Darren and good luck!

  4. Proud to try and do this for you, I know how much this would mean to you. It would be an amazing collaboration!