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RTE, US Festival Round Up, and Irish News


"Some of you may have seen the ad on RTE 1 about the pre Notre Dame football game show being broadcast on Friday. The High Kings will be performing along with various other Irish artists.
Check it out and join in the fun.
Should be a blast"

The programe is being live streamed on Friday 31st August at 9:30pm Ireland time on both the RTE Live Player for worldwide viewing, and the RTE official Youtube channel.


Round Up from the US Festivals

Cleveland Irish Festival

“Landed in Philly on route to Cleveland. Good to be back in the USA”

“I think I am in the exact same room in the hotel as last year here in Cleveland! Weird. : )”

“Wow! Unbelievably great crowd tonight at our first show in Cleveland. Totally behind us from the off, and never let up. Great to see so many familiar faces and friends, and lots of new ones too. Really loved it. Can't wait for tomorrow night!”

“We had 2 set's tonight in Cleveland. The first was great fun, although we almost melted from the heat, and the crowd really got into the show and gave us a great welcome.
The second at 10pm, will forever remain one of the most insane shows we have done. Incredible reaction from a massive crowd, that were terrific fun all the way through.
No doubt about it.....CLEVELAND ROCKS!!!”

“Just wrapped up an amazing weekend here in Cleveland. These have been some of the best crowds we've had to date, and we wish we could stay longer. Great to see so many really good friends and fans who mean more to us than they know. Heading upstate NY tomorrow. : )”

Great American Irish Festival Frankfort 

"Road Trip"

"Hanging with Dunphy, listening to Rascal Flatts and checking out the most amazing lightning storm I've seen in a long time. Nature rules!"

"Syra-snooze.........would be more apt."

"How excited am I?"

"About to head to The Frankfort Festival in upstate New York, where we are onstage this evening at 6.45pm. Looking forward to a great night!!"

"Wow! Frankfort NY brought the party tonight! Fantastic crowd at tonight's show and the amount of people that came up to me beforehand to say they had driven 5, 6 or 7 hours to get there to see us was incredible! What an atmosphere, and what generosity from people who came bearing gifts! And cookies! : )
Can't wait for tomorrow's show!" 

"So, I am sitting in my 5th floor room just now, when I hear some kid verbally abusing a driver in a car on the street below. I go to the window to see what's going on, when the kid looks up and spots me, picks up a rock, and with amazing precision, launches it through my window. Yes, I am 5 floors up!! He then fled on his BMX bike.
Utica PD in m room. Hah"

"So the 2 policemen just left my room as fans of The High Kings after they asked me what I do. lol Played them some tunes and hey presto!"

"Another amazing crowd and gig tonight at the Festival. Huge numbers that came out in torrential rain and made the show into the biggest party once more. Another great weekend comes to a close as tomorrow we set off back home to Ireland. Thanks to all our Stateside fans for making it so very special."

Milwaukee Irish Fest

"Packing tomorrow for The States on Thursday. Milwaukee are you ready?!!"

"I know today that a large amount of Stateside HK followers are flying in or taking mammoth roadtrips to be with us in Milwaukee. Please travel safe and get there in one piece, so we can all share what should be a really great weekend. See you soon. DH."

"Aboard American Airlines to Chicago" 

"Bored in Chicago"

"Another Road Trip to Milwaukee"

"Wow, Viva Last Vegas, Speedway, and Spinout are next up on TCM. As much as I'd love to stay up all night and watch them, I have a 10.30am soundcheck to attend. Looking forward to kicking off the weekend tomorrow night!"

 "Unbelievable first night here in Milwaukee. Huge and very loud crowd turned out to Folk 'n' Roll with us, and make this a memorable night. Great to see the entire front row inhabited by HK peeps. You guy's know who you are, and we are so grateful for the support. Great hang afterwards with said peeps. Tomorrow, I'm lying in. : )"

"Milwaukee! Are you ready for show number 2?
We are onstage at 8.30pm. See ya there!"

"Unbelievable turnout tonight for the second show here in Milwaukee! 8, 000 people rocked with us in one of the best and loudest show's to date. Loved it. One more to go tomorrow. Bring it on.
Early start tomorrow. Gotta watch The Cats take on Tipp in the semi final with my buddy Jon Kiger.
Won't be easy but I hope we can do it! Come on KK!"

"Was just about to call it a night an hour ago, when who should walk up to me for a chat, but Henry Healy. Haven't seen Henry since we played his cousin's house in Washington DC in March. : ) Great laugh."

"Just wrapped up an amazing weekend here in Milwaukee. Another great crowd despite the wind and rain. We are so grateful to our USA HK gang for all that they do for us. We promise not to leave it so long 'til we see y'all again.
Heading back to the aul sod tomorrow and looking forward to seeing herself and the munchkins. X"

After the High Kings returned home to Ireland there was agreat interview with them in the Milwaukee Examiner. 

Irish News

“To all HK fan's in Wexford, we are live in Gorey at the festival tonight at 9.45pm. Should be a great craic to kick off the bank holiday weekend!”

“In a total downpour tonight in Gorey, a huge crowd stayed with us and sang every song with gusto. On the road home now before heading north tomorrow.”

“Castlewellan. Thanks for a fantastic night! Mayhem in the best sense.”

“On the road to the INEC Killarney later for a 9.30pm show tonight. Should be a blast. Last night in Castlewellan was unreal. Fantastic crowd. Day off tomorrow...yay : )”

“Killarney!! As always Unreal! Brilliant night with a fantastic crowd. Loved it!!”

“Heading to The Clonmanny festival up north later today. Sold out concert so should be absolute mayhem. : ) Onstage at 9pm.”

“Concert of the year so far at The Clonmany festival in Donegal. A perfect summer evening for an outdoor show and 5,000 people turned out to folk 'n' roll with us. Magic night.”

“Really great crowd tonight in Belfast. The only thing missing was a mosh pit!! Seriously mental. Way too much fun. Last few shows we pulled back in some of the oldies we haven't done in a while too, which is great craic. Day off tomorrow!”

“Ready to kick off 2 nights at the Fleadh in Cavan! Great vibe here. Should be a blast”

“Amazing crowd tonight in Cavan! Great atmosphere. Roll on tomorrow night.”

“Just spent a great day so far in Cavan with the hometown boy himself Jimmy Cahill and the gang. Great fun. Looking forward to doing it all over again tonight for the second show which kicks off at 10pm. Sold out again, so it's gonna be a stormer!”

“Cavan.... Immense! 'Nuff said.
Nah, I have to say more........Best, loudest, rowdiest, funniest crowd in ages. Brilliant night, and a really great 2 days.”

More Irish News after Milwaukee

"Back after a 4 hour delayed flight on Irish soil. : )"

"Oh goody. Back to thunder, lightning and rain. : ("

"Heading to Timoleague in West Cork in a while for the festival tonight. This was mayhem the last time we did it, so tonight should be no exception. We are onstage at 9.30pm."

"Amazing night in West Cork. Brilliant crowd and great vibe. Nights like this make it worthwhile!
Thanks Timoleague."

That's all the news for now. We hope you have enjoying catching up with all the news from the US festivals and Irish shows.

Next stop Germany, Sweden, and Denmark!

Thanks for your continued support

Darren and the DH Team

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