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Voice, Norway, Aras, and National Concert Hall

Hi Everyone,

Time to bring you up to date with all the latest news and happenings for Darren and the High Kings. Unfortunately, we have to start with some bad news from Darren.

Important News - Darren Voice Issues

"Unfortunately this piece in Today's Daily Star is true, all except for the age! : )
Not that old yet.
I am hoping to come back stronger after treatment and vocal rest.
I will still try to sing at all High Kings concerts this summer but in the event of vocal tiredness will hold back completely and let the lads do their thing"

PLEASE NOTE: Due to an ongoing vocal nodule problem, Darren may not sing at some HK concerts this summer. He has also been instructed to rest his voice after shows, so if his voice is tired he may be forced to miss a CD signing and apologises in advance to any fans who don't get to meet him. 

Rock of Ages Premiere

“Looking forward to the premiere tonight!”

“Hey kiddies......If like me, you grew up listening to Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Journey, Reo Speedwagon, Night Ranger etc.......then do yourself a favour and go see 'Rock Of Ages' in your local cinema. Hugely cheesy, impeccably timed, and the biggest laugh I've had for ages. A stellar cast including Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, Julianne Hough and Mary J Blige.....but it's worth it alone just to see Cruise play the quintessential rock god with aplomb! Brilliant performance.”

 Off to Norway!

“Another productive day in the west of Ireland. Heading home now to pack for 3 days in Norway with HK.”

“Just arrived in Floro, Norway where it is almost midnight and we have complete daylight!! Oh, and I have the coolest room, complete with a boat for a bed! : - )
Its been 13 years since I toured here with Michelle and I forgot how beautiful it is here. Tomorrow is a fun packed day before we take to the stage at 11.30pm for our show.
Only got to see the first half of the match in the airport, so I gather we were spared the rest!!”

"See I wasn't lying!
Meet my boat bed!"

"Just spent a fantastic day with our promoters and lots of new friends. After breakfast this morning, we boarded an amazing boat, and in glorious sunshine sailed to a really cool island, inhabited by lots of deer, and after an amazing meal, sang an accoustic set for the locals, along with "Young Folk" who are also on the bill tonight! The vibe here is really good, and we are looking forward to taking the stage later tonight for our very first sold out show in Norway."

"Great crowd tonight in Floro! Way loud and really into the show. They know how to party up here for sure.
Open air show tomorrow!!"

"Just back from a beautiful barbecue at promoters place after today's open air show, which again was hugely attended.
We have been so well taken care of here and it's been a great weekend.
Brian even had his birthday marked by a Nordic version of " Happy Birthday" lol
Heading home tomorrow to see my little gang!!"


"Back in Dublin!"

Áras an Uachtaráin

"Tomorrow The High Kings have a very busy and special day lined up. We will sing at a garden party in a big white house, for a very important man and his family. Details tomorrow evening. : )"

"Heading over to the Presidents house in a few minutes to sing at his Garden Party today at 2pm. Very excited and honoured to be going back to the great house once again, and hopefully the rain will stop. thats likely! : )
Our buddy Declan O Rourke will also be there so looking forward to catching up."

"Wow! Incredible day at the Aras with President and Mrs Higgins. Lovely reaction to our performances. Thanks to the staff for looking after us do well and really great to see my 'ol pal Kathryn Thomas there who who recollected our Kilimanjaro experiences to the President.
Declan O' Rourke was sublime as usual and it was great to catch up.
Great day!"

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 National Concert Hall

"Morning everyone. Last reminder that tonight The High Kings take to the stage of The National Concert Hall for the very first time. Tickets are almost sold out, so should be a fantastic event!
Once again, Thanks a million for all the messages yesterday, really appreciated it!"

"My view tonight!"

"Fantastic and very memorable show tonight in The National Concert Hall. Amazing crowd and brilliant atmosphere all the way through.
Great to see so many friends and HK fans there. Huge thanks for always turning up.
On to the INEC tomorrow!"

Busy Weekend!

"INEC! Amazing once again. Fantastic night with a great crowd that wanted to have the biggest party! : )
Our 5th High King Adam O' Sullivan joined us amidst huge applause to reprise "Whiskey in the Jar". What a legend.
On to Athlone tomorrow night."

"Athlone.....immense! 'Nuff said!
Loudest and roudiest crowd in ages. Fantastic fun."

"Loading the car for a roadtrip to play Strabane "Rockin' by the river" Festival tonight!"

"Crazy Crazy night in Plumbridge. 750 very loud and enthusiastic people that sang every note and cheered do loud! Loved it! Thanks everybody for a seriously memorable night!!"

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Next Stop USA!

"All packed a ready for glass of vino with the wife before flying to USA tomorrow morning to play Cleveland and Frankfort NY . Looking forward to folking up the States!"

Cleveland have been looking forward to The High Kings arrival and they were featured on the cover of the July edition of the Ohio Irish American News.

 We have a lot of fans excited about The High Kings return to the USA for the Irish festivals this summer so will bring you all the news, photos, and videos that are made available to us soon. For regular daily updates direct from the festivals, including status updates from Darren, please make sure you drop by and 'like' Darren's Official Facebook

That's all for now, back soon with more news!

Thanks for your continued support

Darren & the DH Team

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