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Radio Interviews, Recording and Irish Shows


Radio Interviews

“Brian and I will be chatting live in studio to Declan Meehan on East Coast Radio at 11.30am this morning.”

Listen to Darren and Brian's interview with Declan Meehan in the studio at East Coast FM.

East Coast FM Interview

Darren and Brian in the studio with Declan Meehan at East Coast FM.

 Listen to a recording of the High Kings chatting with Bobby Kerr and performing McAlpines Fusiliers and Marie's Wedding, on Newstalk FM live from Kilkenny.

Newstalk FM Interview

Darren did a telephone interview with Padraig Flaherty at Clare FM, which was broadcast while the High Kings were performing for the residents of Carrigoran House.
Listen to the interview on this link.

Clare FM Interview

Darren's Archives

“TBT#  Breakaway 1990.”

“#‎TBT Michelle , Billy Joel, 9 month old Josh, Katie Lee and myself after a "Movin' Out" performance January 2006.”

“Throwback Thursday.
A 'Los Angeles Times' pic of Josh Groban, Billy Joel and myself at the "Movin' Out" opening night party in LA.”

Promo photos of Darren taken at Sarasota Beach Florida 2007.

Road to the Rising

“HK live on O'Connell St Dublin today at 4.30pm. Road to the Rising.”

“Not every day you can walk up O' Connell St.”

 “Ready to rise for the rising!!!!”

 “What an honour to learn we headlined today's Road to the Rising to the largest crowd of the day!
10,000 people crammed into O'Connell St!
We will always remember this.”

 Official RTÉ Radio 1 photos of Darren on stage in O'Connell Street.


High Kings Recording!

HKHQ Update – “Pre-production on some new recordings with the legendary Production Suite Team of Chris & Graham! Happy days!!”

“Day 2 of pre production for some new HK material underway.”

 “So anyway Elvis.....You just come in on tooraloora laddie and try not to gyrate this time.”


The High Kings Live in Ireland

Kilronan Castle Roscommon

“What a beautiful spot for tonight's concert at Kilronan Castle, Roscommon. Thanks to a great audience for giving us one to remember” 


“Absolutely stuffed from dinner and cake and eggs now it's off to Cavan for tonight's concert at The Kilmore Hotel.”

“Cavan. That was rip roaring! Maddest, largest and loudest crowd for a long time. Big thanks for the massive welcome.”


“Thank you Wexford. As my kid would say... "That was beast".”


“Crazy night in Arklow Bay Hotel. Fantastic crowd. Great buzz.”


“Clonmel. What a night! Sold out crowd absolutely wedged in. Great stuff. Shows like that remind us why we do what we do. Fantastic to have my brother Vinnie there along with my absolutely priceless nephew Cian, who is brilliant beyond words.
Tomorrow we are heading to my home turf in Kilkenny where we will be on Newstalk FM with fellow KK man Bobby Kerr after 12pm.
Then another sold out show at Langtons tomorrow night.”

Photos copyright Anja Mueller

“Soundcheck complete in Kilkenny. Sold out. Should be a great night.”

“The Cats out in force tonight! What a night. Love playing home shows but tonight was off the scale. Thanks to everyone for the huge welcome. You made a proud Kilkenny man even prouder.”Photo copyright Anja Mueller


“Ennis. We can't thank you enough for that welcome tonight. Loudest crowd in ages. Brilliant.”


“Portlaoise. Wow!
That is all.”


“Derry. As always, thanks so much for an incredible night at the Millennium Forum.
Never fails to move me. You guys are the best!!
Thank you so much for the reaction to "Town I Loved so Well". It's your song. Thanks for letting me borrow it.”

Photos copyright Carol Billett


High Kings Archives

These photos were part of a set of promo photos taken by Munster Images before the High Kings show at the Strand Hotel in Limerick in May 2011.


“After a 7 hour flight, and an hour in the gym, I am ready for a 90 minute concert on a very sunny Chicago evening!
Just need someone to wake me up. Zzzzzzzz.....”

“Chicago, its been a blast. Thank you so much for the massive welcome to your fantastic city. We are coming back in October.
Check out tour dates to be added on our official site.”

 Final Words From Darren

“Courtesy of Susan Valadez, The 'Movin Out' mural from The Orpheum Theater Memphis 2005 complete with Josh's signature : )
Not bad for 7 months.”

“Thoughts and prayers with the people of Nepal. Heartbreaking.”

 “Always a pleasure to see Padraic Moyles, Ciaran Byrne and my former Riverdance boss John McColgan. A little singing, rapping and whistling done at Cauldron Studios.


 “Very sorry to hear that one of the greatest record label men in the business, Bruce Lundvall has passed away.
I invited Bruce to see me perform lead vocals in Riverdance on Broadway in 2001, in the hopes of him signing me to EMI Manhattan Records. He told me afterwards that the time wasn't right for what I wanted to do, but that he'd keep an eye on my career.
7 years later, as I sat in the EMI building in New York with The High Kings, about to launch our first album with the label, Bruce walked up to me, shook my hand, and with a wink said "Better late than never eh?"
Pure class. Old school.
He will be sadly missed.

That's a round up of all the news for the moment. The High Kings now have a short break with their families before they get back on the road with the Irish festivals of Germany, UK, USA, and Ireland, as well as summer shows in Dublin and Killarney.

 US fans don't forget that there are lots of dates to be added to the tour schedule for the Fall soon, so keep checking over the next few weeks! All dates are confirmed there first!

 Thanks for your continued support!

Darren and the DH Team

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