Monday, 22 August 2011

Back In The USA!!

Hi Everyone

Before we head off back to the USA, we start with a few words from Darren following his beloved Kilkenny Cats win at Croke Park, as well as news of his new profile on Google+

"KK need a huge one for the next day. Let's hope it's in them. Woo hoo"

"Today I took Josh to see Kilkenny play in Croke Park for the first time and he loved every minute of it. He wore the Black and Amber with pride and roared on the Cats with his dad just like I did with my dad all those years ago. And so it begins......"


Darren has had a Google profile for a while and this has now been upgraded to a Google+ account. They say that Google+ may be bigger than Facebook and is one for the future, although it is currently still under development with sign up by invitation only. If you are on Google+, please add Darren to your circles. If you would like an invite, please email us at


Stop Press Latest!!

Just in case you missed the 'Stop Press' added to the last blog a couple of days after it was published. With special thanks to Anne and Peter Greb, we now have a recording of the interview they did with the High Kings while they were in Germany. You can listen to the interview and their recording of 3 songs live from the show in 'The Cave' on the player on Darren's official website.

Heading for America!

"Well, after a long travel day from Dublin to New York, onto Minneapolis, then a 2 hour drive, we are finally here in La Crosse, Wisconsin. but looking forward to playing the festival tomorrow night!"

"! Thanks to Casey, our great promoter in Wisconsin, we have had an amazing meal at Piggy's! Totally top class despite the name. Great laugh. Brilliant show tonight, super crowd. On to St Paul tomorrow morning for 2 days. Can it really be a year since we played that festival??"

Irish Festival of Minnesota - St Paul

"Just arrived in St Paul for the Festival. We play tonight at 5pm and tomorrow at 2pm. Weather looks good so bring it on!!!"

"Absolutely massive crowd tonight in St Paul, Minnesota. Loved every second of it. Huge reaction and the weather was amazing. Can't wait to do it all again tomorrow at 2pm!"

Special thanks to Sarah Veverka for sharing her photos of The High Kings in St Paul with us. All photos on the following slide are copyright Sarah Veverka Photography

"Lovely show today under scorching sunshine at the Minnesota fair. Absolutely drained from the sun, but what a super audience again! few days off now to recharge."

"What a great city St Paul is. Thanks to Dave at "Anytime Fitness" for allowing me to work out there this morning. Beautiful weather here, and no better way to chill than grabbing a Starbucks and catching some ray's!"

RIP Elvis August 16 1977

Darren has always been a huge Elvis fan and couldn't let the day go by without a few words for his idol.

"34 years ago today, my mum walked into my bedroom and said to me and Vinnie "You will never guess who has died?" I immediately said Elvis! Even as a young child he played a major part in my life and it continues to this day. The world will never again witness anything like him. There will only ever be one Elvis! Long live the King!"

Back on the road!!

"Getting ready to leave St Paul for the 6 hour drive to Milwaukee. Another beautiful day which kicks off what should be a massive weekend for us."

Milwaukee Irish Fest

"Milwaukee!! What a first night! Amazing crowd, and this was meant to be the quietest night?? Can't wait for the next 3 then! :)
Seriously, great fun and a great vibe all round. Great to see so many HK fan's that travelled so far to be there. You know who you guy's are.
Let's do it all again on the Harley Davidson stage tomorrow night!"

"Milwaukee!!! If last night was crazy, then tonight was off the scale entirely!
Massive audience and the loudest for a long time! Beautiful setting yet again. Loved it big time. We are live again tomorrow night at 8.30pm."

"Milwaukee! once again I have been left speechless. What an amazing, loud, wild, massive audience you were tonight! I didn't want it to end. Thank you! Tomorrow is the final HK show of the festival and you can be sure we will go out with a bang!"

"Went out with a massive bang today. What a crowd!! Under glorious sunshine, it was one of the best days of performing ever. I can never thank Milwaukee enough for the reaction to The town I loved so well. Took me completely by surprise. Can't wait to hopefully do it all over again next year!!"

Darren and the the rest of the lads now have a couple of days off before their final show in the US at the Rocky Mountain Irish Festival in Loveland Denver Co.

We'll be back again soon with more news.

Thanks for your continued support

Darren & The DH Team

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