Friday, 5 August 2011

Good News, Utica NY, and Pittsburgh!

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The High Kings have just finished their first run of US Irish festivals before a short break and we  bring you photos and video from the last few shows. Also, thanks to your support, we are pleased that Darren's various official sites are continuing to flourish. Have you visited all of his sites yet? You can find direct links to them all on the left of this blog!

Good News!!

We have two pieces of good news to celebrate. On the 3rd August, just 7 months after Darren's new official website was launched, it has reached 25,000 views! If you've not visited the site, why not pop by there now? You'll find everything you need to know about Darren and all the various phases of his career to date.

And that's not all!!

We are also thrilled to report that Darren is currently at Number 1 in the Reverbnation Singer/Songwriter chart for Dublin. He also holds the number 2 slot nationally in Ireland!

Great American Irish Festival Utica NY

After the rain washed out most of the Saturday night shows in Cleveland, they were hoping for better weather in up state NY. It looked as if they were going to be unlucky once again! Fortunately, this time when the rain came, the show could still go on!

"Wow. Spent 5 hours on a beautifully scenic train ride from NYC to Syracuse today. Totally chilled after 4 days of Big Apple mayhem. Great to hook up with everyone there. Tomorrow The High Kings go to The Great American Irish Festival in Utica NY for 2 nights.

Rainy day in upstate New York."

"What a great night tonight at the Great American Irish Festival. Huge crowd who braved yet more torrential rain to come and sing their lungs out with us, and thanks to the festival organizers for having such a well run event happening! Great catching up with so many familiar faces too. Roll on tomorrow!"

"Holy crap. Ridiculously large crowd this evening for our show at the festival, and took LOUD to a whole new level. Great fun. What a night!"

Hartwood Acres Pittsburgh

"7 hours drive to get here to Pittsburgh!! Quick change and now off to soundcheck!! arghhhh"

"Tonight was a night to remember. The most stunning setting that we have played in to date. Hartwood Acre's Pittsburgh. We arrived onstage to a 5,000 strong crowd while the sun was setting, and the atmosphere was just electric. Beautiful night. This leg of the US summer tour is done as we head home tomorrow night for a few days. Can't wait to see my gang!"

Final words from Darren.....

"Back on the home turf again for a few days after a long overnight flight from Atlanta. Off out to the sunshine with the kiddies!"

The High Kings have returned home to Ireland for just a few days. They have a whistlestop visit to Germany to perform at at the Balver Hohle this weekend, then after a few more days in Ireland will be heading back to the US for more festivals. Hopefully Darren will get to see his beloved Kilkenny Cats beat Waterford and book their place in another All Ireland Hurling Final on Sunday!

We'll be back with all the news of Germany and the rest of the US festivals soon.

Until then, thanks for your continued support.

Darren and the DH Team

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  1. Congrats on the Reverbnation news and the great response to the website! Well done! Thanks for keeping us posted!